Incident ID: NRZ124

Modified on Tue, 23 Mar, 2021 at 1:52 PM


                                Date: 02-03-2021 

Nordman & CO Incident Report 

                                Incident ID: NRZ124 

Reported By: Devin Kaya                                                                                                                                       Office Code: 415 


Type: Operating System Compatibility Issue for Afaia  

Description of Error: The latest and tested release of Argus CRM Afaia for Windows 10 caused unexpected crashes on client devices. Argus CRM crashed when opening certain parts of the software, such as the order history page. This error was not observed by our testing team during the pre-release testing. 

Incident Causes: The Testing Team failed to reproduce the crashes that occurred on client devices. We later found out that the users with this issue were using an older version of Windows 10, specifically Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018 Release) or version 1803 (April 2018 Release) after receiving specifications from one of their devices. At this point, we recommended that the client devices be upgraded to the latest Windows 10 version. We later learned from the Support team that some of our customers with this issue were not be able to upgrade their Operating Systems.  

Response: Considering the information described above, the XAML attributes that were missing their resource directory were either removed, revised or replaced with a placeholder. The XAML attributes in Afaia were not defined as System Resources in Windows 10 Redstone releases. This lack of defined Resources was the cause of the Compatibility issues with versions 1809 and 1803. Furthermore, the missing post-redstone resources are defined by the latest VS debugger, preventing us from immediately recognizing missing attributes - i.e. The debuggers return with undefined error codes and exceptions are thrown directly from inside the definition of the debugger. All concerning Employees have been notified on this issue.   

Recommendations: The System Resources provided by post-Redstone releases are significant and is planned to be used in our further releases. We strongly recommend that our customers who are not able to upgrade their operating system, upgrade their Argus CRM as soon as possible. The latest release of Afaia 1.16.204 is designed to be backwards compatible with Older version of Windows 10 operating systemsBe advised that further missing attributes may be discovered due to the issues with the debugger described above. These users should be strongly advised to not upgrade their Argus CRM any further, until they can upgrade their Operating System.  

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