In the Argus PiX Companion, it is possible to take photos and answer market questions without having a sales district.

Photos and market questions answered are linked to the selected customer and can easily be followed up in the Argus PiX  web app. Sorted by distance based on your position. Nearest store first, etc. In the customer list, you can also search for customers who are outside the immediate area to add pictures afterwards from your picture library. It is also possible to select customers from a map.

Log in

Fill in the Username and Password you received from Vitec Nordman.

Opens the customer list and shows the nearest stores first. You can also search for stores outside the immediate area. The question marks indicate that there are one or more photo market questions to answer. You can also swipe left to open the customer list.

Opens the map to select a store.

Take a photo

Switch between front and rear camera

Retrieves photos from your image library

Displays the total number of photos taken. Click this to add a title, note and tag.

Displays selected store. The question mark indicates that it is a market question that is being answered.

Takes you back to camera mode. In the customer list, you can also "swipe" right to get to the camera mode.


Uploads your images to the argus database.