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Release 2.1.4

New Features:

  • Order Analysis: Updated with options to choose Purchased, Not Purchased, and Not Purchased Anything.
  • Order History: Updated with filters for wholesalers.
  • Order History: Customer name and location added to order lines in order history.
  • Chain-Specific Listing: Updated to allow import of wholesaler item numbers.
  • Chain-Specific Listing Template: Now fetches and creates based on the grouping made.
  • Assortment - Products: The default status is set to sellable; no need to choose it when searching for products.
  • Sales Goal Tracking - Market Questions: Added a column for customer class.
  • Sales Goal Tracking: Most follow-ups now have a 1-month default from the date.
  • Sales Goal Tracking - Distribution: Now you can choose to display Coop boxes and other customer groupings if they exist.
  • Wholesalers: It is now possible to link blocks to wholesalers.
  • Approval Report: Columns for district and district number added.
  • Administration - Blocks: Only active items are shown.
  • Administration - Contacts: Exporting contacts is now possible.
  • Administration - User Accounts: Date fields are now unlocked, allowing the account validity period to be changed.
  • Variant: When a variant is created, the grouping made is also saved.
  • Grouping: All levels can now be opened at once.
  • Mobile: Multiple adaptations for mobile devices.

Bug Fixes:

  • Assortment - Products: Fixed an issue where the specified Consumer Unit/Retailer Packaging did not appear on the product card when creating a new product.
  • Market Question: The bug causing the selected group to disappear from the market question when saving an existing one is fixed.
  • Customers: When searching for customers in a selected district, those for which you are the primary seller are now included.
  • Sales Goal Tracking - Orders Pending: Fixed an issue that prevented searching for pending orders when filtering by products.
  • Sales Goal Tracking - Order Analysis: Campaign filtering was not working but now functions correctly.
  • Customer-Specific Listing: Fixed an issue where the database did not update when importing customer-specific listings.
  • Visit History - Unvisited Customers: Customers with a visit frequency of 1 and also an incoming seller were shown in both visited and unvisited customers. This is fixed by calculating the visit frequency in combination with the main seller.
  • Sales Cycles: Fixed a bug that caused incorrect week numbers to display when creating sales cycles several years ahead.


Release 2.1.3

New Features:

  • Order Analysis: Updated with options to choose Purchased, Not Purchased, and Not Purchased Anything.
  • Order History: Updated with filters for wholesalers.
  • Order History: Customer name and location added to order lines.

Bug Fixes:

  • General improvements/bug fixes for dropdowns.
  • Fixed an issue where images linked to the customer on the customer card were not visible.


Release 2.1.2

New Features:

  • Assortment: Subgroups can now be created. This is done under Administration - Settings - Setup Parameters.
  • Customer Card: Customer-specific listing is now displayed under article status if it exists.

Bug Fixes:

  • Contacts: Fixed a bug causing issues when adding contacts to the customer card.
  • Import Articles: Prices are now imported and displayed with decimals.
  • EDI Monitor: Orders can now be searched by a specific date.
  • Approve Orders: Fixed an issue that prevented approval of orders at level 2.
  • Campaign: Campaign category now displays correctly.
  • Orders Pending: Fixed a bug that prevented searching by order number.


Release 2.1.0

New Features:

  • Absence Report: New updated appearance.
  • Regions and Sales Forces: New updated appearance and added fields.
  • Market Questions: Districts can now be excluded when creating a market question.
  • Inventory Order: New appearance with improved functionality. New editing view with the ability to change the order of articles.
  • Payments: It is now possible to mark one or more payments to read to and from all tabs.
  • Wholesalers & Contacts: New updated appearance and functionality.
  • Assortment Excel Export: List price is now displayed during export.
  • Users & District Register: Now available in the same view.
  • Approval Report: Updated with a new appearance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Base Data Update: The issue where market questions and inventory orders were not sent out is fixed.
  • Dashboard Objects: Lack of delivery date filter prevented any objects from being displayed.
  • Dashboard Objects: Fixed a bug where the assortment connection was lost during date changes.
  • Report Filter: Fixed so that multiple regions/districts can be selected simultaneously.
  • Market Questions: Multi-choice and custom-defined answer types can now be set up.
  • My KPIs: All unit selections are now available when creating dashboard objects.
  • Campaign/Bid: Fixed an issue where selected articles in a campaign/bid disappeared when using the search field to add more articles.
  • Customers: It is now possible to deactivate a customer again. The list now includes options active, inactive, and customer terminated.
  • Customer Card: It is now possible to check/uncheck districts on the customer card.
  • Campaign/Bid: It is now possible to remove individual stores from a campaign, market questions, and inventory orders.
  • Reports: Variants can now be saved.

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