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You see your planning as a day view. This can be changed so you can see Work week (5 days) or week (7 days) by changing below.

The first step is to add customers to the calendar. There are 3 ways to do this


1. Click on customer

On the left side all customers are visible and on the right is the calendar. Hold your finger on the customer you want to add to the planning until a yellow box appears, then you can drag the customer over to the planning and drop it where you want it to be.

You can search in different ways. If you click on the Search box, you can search by place or name. It is also possible to search for unvisited customers (1.) and unplanned customers (2.).

2. Click the + sign in the upper right 

Here you get your customer list. You can search for City, Postal code, Designation, customer class unvisited customers, unscheduled customers.

In this view, you can select multiple customers at once. For example, if you are looking for all customers in "Stockholm" you can mark the ones you want to visit, they will get a blue check at the far right of the line. When all customers are selected, first click Cancel (top right) and then Done (top right under Cancel).

3. Click on the two folded sheets

Here you can copy a previously planned week. One week is the minimum that can be copied but you can select several weeks at a time if you want.

From week - The first week you want to copy from

To week - The first week you want to copy to

Quantity- The quantity of weeks you want to copy

As seen above, week 39 (quantity of 1 week) will be copied and fold at week 40.

To finish, press Done.


By clicking on the symbol below on the first page of the planning there are even more search possibilities.

Here you can search by chain, visit days, customer class etc. You can search for multiple choices at the same time. It is also possible to combine the search possibilities with, for example, Not visited or Not planned customers.

Red marking is shown to the left of the customer in the planning if the customer is scheduled on a different day from the Visiting days on the customer card.

If any day / week in the planning is to be deleted, you can do this by pressing the trash can.

The days when there are customers planned will come up with an opportunity to clear that day or alternatively you can clear the whole week at once.

When the customers are moved to the calendar, you can add additional information about the planned visit.

If you press i at the top of the customer information you will get to the customer card.

You can select Planning Type by clicking > on that line. Each planning type has its own color and the planned visit will have the same color in the calendar as the planning type.

If you want to add a contact, click> on the contact line and you will see the ones that are placed on the customer. If you are missing the person you want to meet, start by pressing the i at the customer information, go to the contacts tab and choose where to add the missing one.

You can add a Note for the planned visit. Click on Note... and then write down what you want to note before the visit. Click Save. The notewill appear in the calendar as a speech bubble.

If you want to extend a visit, do it by pressing Ends. Enter the correct duration and the visit will be extended.

You can also go to the visitor picture from this view. It is in the visitor picture that orders, visits, market issues etc. are registered.

You can also delete individual visits from this view by clicking Delete the activity.

To move visits from one day to another, click the icon in the lower left corner. Choose from and to date. Click move.

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