Left side:

  • Information about the customer. To access the customer card, press the i to the right of the customer information.
  • If the customer is not planning a visit in the future, the text "Plan a new visit" appears as below. If there is a visit planned, then these visits will be visible on this line.
  • Here you can enter a task linked to the customer. If there is tasks on this customer then it is visible through the round green ring with a number.
  • New journey... has to do with the driving record. A separate manual is available for this.
  • Under Presentation are the presentations that are linked to this customer. The number in the green ring shows how many are posted.


  • Documents -  you will find the files saved from Backoffice to this particular customer as well as the pictures you have taken linked to the customer.
  • Other reports are linked to POS data.

Right side:


  • Choose orders to register orders to the customer. The number in the green ring shows how many of unsold campaigns linked to this customer
  • Choose Visits to register a visit for this customer.
  • Inventory - The number in the green ring shows that there are inventory orders attached to this customer. Here the number of faces per article is registred.
  • Marked Questions - The number in the green ring shows how many unanswered market questions there are for this customer. Click on the line to go in and answer the questions.
  • Activities - Click on this line to fill in the activities that may be available to the customer.
  • Listing - Same function as Inventory. You fill in the number of faces here per article. The list includes the entire assortment.
  • The line of campaigns shows the total number of campaigns that are placed on the customer. From here you can place orders and create propositions based on the campaigns.
  • ropositions - Here you can see the propositions created for the customer. From here you can also delete the proposals that are registered.
  • Campaign summery gives you a good overview of the campaigns available to the customer



  • Order - you will find the order history for this particular customer.
  • Visits -  you will find the visits history for this particular customer.
  • Analysis - Here you can do a quick follow-up for the customer.
  • Delivery Plan - Here you will find a delivery plan for this particular customer. Can be seen 1 year back in time and everything forward in time.

The four sections that are under History (Order, Visit, Analysis and Delivery Plan) are also on the start page and there you see the follow-up for all your customers. In the visitor image you see only for the selected customer.