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To register an order for the customer, click Order under Apply.

If you do not want to register the order from a campaign, press Undo in the upper left corner.

If you click on the blue box, this question will come up:

If you press Yes, 1 item will automatically be added to all items that the campaign contains.

If you press Cancel, you will return to the campaign overwiev.

If you press in the middle of the campaign line, the campaign opens up so that all items in the campaign are visible.

Enter number by first clicking on the zero to get + and - and then changing the number by clicking on those.

If there is a large number, you can hold down your finger for a longer time on the + sign because then the number increases by 10.

When the correct number is placed on the items you have sold, click Save in the upper right corner.

The articles that have a number will then be added to the order picture where you have the articles to the right and the head to the left.

To add more items from products click on assortment  top left.

Click on the correct product group to find the articles that fall under that product group. Choose quantity in the same way as when order is taken via campaign (see above) Then, to transfer the selected items to the order page, click Add 

You can also click the + sign in the upper right for further opportunities to add articles.

Products - Click on the right product group to get the items you want. Choose quantity in the same way as when order is taken via campaign (see above)

Click on Save to transfer the selected items to the order page,

Old orders - Here you can find a previous order and copy the articles that were in it. Quantity, delivery date etc. can then be changed before saving.

Based on campaign - If you click here you will return to the campaign page and add articles and quantity based on the description above.

Proposistions- By clicking here you can choose to take an order from a saved proposal.

Now you can see messages for each article from Backoffice (Mark the article to see if the text message shows up)

To change the delivery date on all order lines at once, press Main and then the delivery date and select the correct date.

To change the condition type on all order lines at once, press Discount / SEK 0:00 and select the correct condition type (Edi order, Statistics order, Cross etc)

You can also change line by line by pressing the middle of the order line.

If delivery days are set on the customer card, they will be displayed on the order header above the purchaser.

Here you can change the number, type of condition, discount and delivery date.

IMPORTANT when you enter quantity and discounts that you select a unit (the choices are to the right of the keyboard)

If there are no articles on a customer, it may be because there is an incorrect filter posted on Status / chain / wholesaler

Click on the funnel  to see what filter there is.

When you choose to get items in Assortment or Products (found under the + sign in the upper right) you can easily see if the articles are linked to a campaign

The blue triangle means that the products are in one or more campaigns.

When you click 0 to register the quantity, the box above will appear.

The green shows which campaigns the selected article is linked to. If you want to register true a campaign, click on the correct green campaignname. You must then set a delivery date that the campaign allows

If you want to add a delivery date that is outside of the campaign, select the blue "No campaign" button.

To avoid making the choice again on the same order you can select "Turn of the message temporarily" before pressing the green or blue button and then all items selected in this order will be controlled after the same choice.

If you select "Do not show this message again" you will turn this question off completely in the future.

You can also attach an image linked to the product in the order line. (The image is then followed up in ArgusPIX)

Swipe on the line to the left and select "Insert image".

Choose a picture from the picture library or use the camera to take a picture.

The image is automatically renamed to the article name, but this can be changed.

You can also choose to delete an order line when you swipe left.

To remove an item from the order, select "Erase"

When everything ready, it's time to save.

 Click the arrow in the upper left. 

Save – The order is saved and you return to the "Visit overview" to register a visit to the customer. If you have a workflow, you will go directly to step 2 of that flow.

Print – Here the order / payment can be printed or emailed to the customer.

Save & register new order – This order is saved and you will return to "Register a new order" for the same customer.

Propositions – You create a proposal of the order. Type in a Title, Date from and Date to, and then click Save. This order becomes a proposal instead of creating an order. You can open this proposal for all customers connected to the same chain.

Back – You will return to the visit page with no orders saved.

Click the icon above to copy an order.

When you copy an order the calendar wheel will open and you may select a delivery date.

By default, the delivery day is displayed one week ahead with the same delivery day. If you want to change the delivery date later, click the calendar icon on the order you would like to change. You can also click on an order line to change the delivery date.

If you have selected a delivery date that is not set on the customer card, a yellow triangle will appear.

When you click on it, you get the proposal to change to the nearest delivery date set on the customer card.

Note! If no delivery dates are set on the customer card the tringle will never appear.

Print order

Click on the printer icon to print, save or attach to an email.

On the left-hand side you select the email address you want to send the order copies to. You can choose to print current

order or the whole visit. The print module is prepared to use signature if required.

Choose which prints you want by sliding respective sliders to the right. You can see your choices in the preview on the right.

If a printer is available, you can print by clicking the printer icon.

Click the email icon to attach the order copies to an email. Your iPad's mail client opens and the address you selected is entered.

Click the arrow icon to get the preview in full-screen mode.

Additional choices are available under the share icon, see your iPad manual.

If you would like to display discount % you change that in the settings.

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