The Milelog head is created once a month after the driving record from the previous month has been Authorise (usually at the end of the month)

NOTE !! Before the driving record is Authorise go into rows, open up the last day and write down the arrival (km) which will become the meter setting on the head of the new driving record.

  • Designation – Here the driving record is named for example October 2019. Name it as clearly as possible, it will be easier in Backoffice to find the right driving record
  • Meter setting – See red text above. This is taken from the mileage log the month before (if no private miles were traveled between the last and the first)
  • Note – You can enter a note on the journal's head
  • Registration no.. – The cars registration number
  • Start of period – Since the journal's head MUST be created before you go out and make your first visit for the month, period start will always automatically be the first working day of the month
  • End of period– Automatically becomes the last day of the month.
  • Authorise – Is done when the month is over
  • Cancel – Delete the mileage log

Don't forget to click Save

When you click Save, you will automatically enter New Travel ... (Rows) to start registering day by day.

  • Type of journey – Use Businesstravel or Private depending on the type of trip
  • From – Click on the arrow to the right and default options will appear
  • To – Click on the arrow to the right and default options will appear
  • Note – You can also make a note on each row in the log
  • Time of departure – The date and time of registration
  • Time of arrival– The date and time of registration
  • Departure [km] – At the first registered day of the month, the meter setting you entered on the head ends up here. If you are in the middle of the month, it is yesterday's Arrival [km]. If it is not correct, enter the meter setting in the car. Then keep in mind that the difference between the meter setting on the head and the one you enter here will end up as unregistered (private)
  • Arrival [km] –Here you enter the meter setting in the car when the day is over.
  • Distance [km] – Here the distance of the day is automatically calculated by start (km) - arrival (km). In order for this to be calculated, you must click on the keyboard when you have entered your arrival (km). It is not possible to save today's trip unless both Start [km] and Arrival [km] are entered so that a distance is visible. This means that everything has to be registered in the evening after the day's driving is complete.
  • Todays visit –  If you click on the check mark to make it green you will automatically receive the customer visits you have registered during the day

 In order to receive all visits, it is important that the times in the start time and arrival time above cover the whole day.

Click Save to save today's mileage log.

Then, the next day, when you want to register a new day in the mileage log, click Mileagelogl and then click Rows.

Then click on the + sign in the upper right and register a new day according to the manual above.