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Scanner start-up

How to configure the scanner

The scanner is configured by scanning the QR codes below from Step 1 to Step 4. To scan a code, press the Trigger Key.

Step 1: Reset the Scanner to clear all previous settings and device pairings:


Step 2: Apple MFi


Step 3: 
If data is to be sent by Bluetooth, select Inactivate.
If data is to be sent by cable, select Activate.



If you select Inactivate, you can charge the scanner with a USB cable, while maintaining your Bluetooth connection to your iPad.
If you select Activate, loaded data must be transferred by USB Cable.


Step 4: Choose your preferred feedback mode:

The scanner can generate beep or vibration or both together. Scan the code below according to your preference:

Vibrate Only

Beep Only

Beep and Vibrate

Step 5: Scan the code below to improve the scanner's accuracy:

This means that the scanner only scans the code in the centre of the sight-LED area. This makes it easier to scan codes from a sheet with many codes placed too close to each other.

Pair Hand Scanner with iPad

Once you have followed the four steps in the above description, it is time to pair the scanner with your iPad. Go to settings and select Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not activated, activate it by swiping the button to the right. 
Press the "function button" on the scanner and hold it down for 5 seconds until it beeps and vibrates. The scanner is now in "switch mode". In the iPad you should now see the scanner. Tap this to pair the iPad with the scanner. After a few seconds the iPad should display "Connected", and a few seconds later the scanner starts beeping and vibrating again. The two units are now paired.

If you have previously paired a scanner and want to pair a new one, or re-pair the same scanner after resetting its configuration, you need to have your iPad forget the previous pairing. In the Bluetooth panel under the section "MY DEVICES" you will see the scanner listed. Press the blue "i" icon on the right side of that bar. Then press "Forget This Device." When it asks to confirm choose "OK". When the previous device is forgotten you will be returned to the main Bluetooth panel automatically.


Disconnecting from Bluetooth to save power

If you are not going to use the hand scanner for a period of time, you can temporarily disable its Bluetooth connection to the iPad to conserve power in both devices.

To disable the Bluetooth connection, press and hold the trigger key for 5 seconds. The scanner beeps and flashes red once.

To re-establish the Bluetooth connection simply press and hold the trigger button for 5 seconds and wait until the scanner flashes blue. Release the "Trigger Key" and wait until it stops flashing blue and the scanner beeps flashes green once.


Transfer data from scanner to Argus

For best results, the scanner should be used in batch mode, which means that blueetooth should be turned off when scanning and then turned on during transmission.

 1. Disable Bluetooth with Trigger Key if it is turned on. 

 2. Scan articles.

 3. Go to Visits page.

 4. Select where you want to transfer your scanned items. Order, Inventory, Listing or Bar       Code Reader.

5. Activate Bluetooth by holding down the Trigger Key on your scanner until it flashes blue.

1. Click on the barcode reader on the visits page with Bluetooth enabled.

2. Click on the Bar Code Reader icon in the upper right corner.

3. Here you can choose to transfer the items to order and/or listing. If you select order, the order screen opens with the scanned items entered. Manage your order as usual and save. You will then be directed back to the scanner view. From there you can also ad the items to the listing module. When transfer is completed, it’s visualized by the green color.

When finished click on the trash can to empty scanner. The scanner will then be greyed out. 


4. If the same item appears on one or more order rows you can easily put them together by clicking the sum icon.


Some advice to consider


- Charge the scanner every night, so it will be ready to use the next day

- To save battery time, you can turn off Bluetooth when the scanner is not in use. 

- Empty the scanner when you have finished scanning. If you are unsure whether it has been emptied or not, go to the visitor screen and click on the barcode reader, the items that may be in the scanner will be displayed. Click on the Recycle Bin to empty.


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