A new version of Argus is in progress

Ändrad den Thu, 30 Mar 2023 vid 01:32 PM

A new version of Argus is in progress

Vitec Nordman is launching a smarter version of Argus in 2023. The interface is more modern and you can reach Argus from all your hardware devices.


The new Argus is a step on the journey towards an even smarter and more innovative Argus. Our goal is to create a cohesive product where you have the opportunity to build the product based on your own needs.

The first step in the launch involves a new version of Backoffice, followed by a progressive implementation of new functions and improvements, leading up to the launch of an upgraded Frontoffice.


  • You don't need to log in via our terminal server
  • You get access to Argus on any device, wherever you are
  • Loading and updating articles and customers etc. can be done via an Excel file (for those lacking     integration)
  • With the help of new smart shortcuts, widgets on the home page, you will easily get access to your favorite functions
  • You can more easily find your monitored metrics directly when you have logged in


User Security

The New Argus offers an increased level of security for safer use.

What's next

We will soon begin reaching out to all of our clients to initiate a dialog regarding the launch and implementation of this new product. Start the countdown!

Contact us if you have any questions

Phone: 08-442 45 80

e-mail: support@nordman.vitecsoftware.com

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