All orders can be found on the home page under '' Monitoring''

In the order history you get a list of all your orders.

It is possible to search for an order by order number or name of the store.

An order can be color-marked, red, green, blue and black / gray

Red: There is a payment but has not been authorised.
Approved by the seller
Paid out

Black/grey: Cancelled order

By clicking on this you get a filter to be able to sort your orders by order date or delivery date.

1. You can choose to view or hide weekly numbers by clicking

2. If you instead want to search through a sales cycle, click #

3. If you want to search for orders containing products within a specific product group, you do so by clicking on the folder and selecting a product group.

Then only those orders containing products within the product group will be displayed within that date range if you have selected it.