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Note. There are some settings you can do to customize the presentation tool to your needs.

To display margin SEK and% in presentation tool's order proposal.

Click settings on your iPad and then Argus CRM.

Then select "View calculations in presentation page"


Click on the presentation you want to show to the customer.

1. Navigation arrows. These show all directions where there are images for. Here you can swipe right or left. There can also be images up and down and then there will be navigation arrows in these directions as well.

2. If you click on this box you will get the whole presentation in small images.

3. If the shopping cart is visible in the upper right corner, it means that there are articles linked to this page. Click on the Shopping Cart to see which items are linked to the image and you can place an order there as well. Once you have selected the items you want to sell, click on the shopping cart again to confirm.

4. This also appears if there are articles linked to the page. A supplement to the shopping cart to make it easier to place a recurring order.

5.  If you want to register orders for articles that are not linked to this page in the presentation, you can press the plus to access all articles.

6. If the presentation is to be mailed to the customer, click on the Star to select the image you want to mail over.

7. When you have gone through the entire presentation and selected the items you want to place an order on, click the arrow in the top left to move on. Choose to go to the next presentation or create an order.

If you press the Shopping Cart (3.), the picture will look as below.

Add quantity to the items you want to sell and then confirm this by pressing the shopping cart again.

If you press the image for Recurring order (4.), the image will look as below.

Click in the right box for article and week. Choose the number and the weekday for delivery. Confirm by pressing the Recurring order image again.

When you have gone through the entire presentation and placed an order for the articles you want, press the arrow in the upper left (6.)

Create a new order- If you click here, the items you have chosen will be transferred to the regular order picture. There you can adjust the quantity, delivery week, condition type, etc. articles you want, press the arrow in the upper left (6.)

Copy to cart - Here you can open a new presentation and add articles to cart with articles from that presentation.

Save as proposal - If you click here you will save the order as a proposal and then at a later stage can open this proposal and show the customer.

Preview - Here you can see the pictures in the presentation that will be emailed to the customer. If you have not marked a image with the star (5.), all images will be emailed.

e-post: - Here you can choose the email addresses that are posted on the customer and to which the presentation should be emailed.

Send presentation - After you enter an email address, Preview changes to Send presentation.

To edit or erase a propasal just swipe to the left and make your choice

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