You can access the delivery plan from the Start Page (where you see the delivery plan for all customers)

You can also access the delivery plan from the visitor image (where you see the delivery plan exactly for the customer you have chosen)

In the delivery plan you can see how the deliveries are for each item max 1 year back in time as well as as far as there are orders ahead in time.

When you enter the delivery plan for the first time, the result is shown in cases. this you can change.

Case- Case / retail packaging (half pallets and displays are converted into cases if this is correctly inserted on the article card)

Pcs -Consumer Packaging

kg - Kg (if this is posted on the article card)

Case* - Sales unit (half pallets and displays are counted as 1 and not as the number of cases they contain) 

By clicking onyou can put filters on the time period.

This report looks at Delivery Date only

Select From date and Through date, and then select the date range

Click on Done