Tasks available to add tasks / commitments / reminders to oneself.

The number in the red ring indicates how many tasks have been entered and are not completed.

Here you will find all your tasks on all customers, the picture below shows 1 completed task which is checked and 2 coming that are not completed, the red box means that it has high priority and the blue is normal priority.

To create a task, click on the '+' sign in the upper right.

You get a box where you can choose, the customer and priority between Low, Normal and High.

To write the task, click on  > and write the text.

Then choose which date the task should be performed..
Completed - change to YES when the task is done otherwise leave NO left.

Click on Save

If you want to delete a task then you click on the task, you can choose to Delete activity and Go to the visitor image.

If you choose Delete activity it will remove the customer / visit from the calendar

If you choose to go to the visitor image, the visitor image opens and can start registering orders, visit