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You can access the customer card by pressing Customers on the Start page 

You can also access the customer card from the planning by pressing the i after the customer

You can also access the customer card when you are inside the visitor screen and the order screen.

The customer card consists of a number of tabs located at the bottom of the screen

Base data - First picture. Here is all the basic data about the customer. Customer number, Name, Addresses, Chain, Mail address for the shop, Frequency of visits, Location code, Bank giro number etc. You can enter visitor days here for the customer and these will then be searchable when you do your planning

Wholesalers - This is where all the wholesalers belong to the customer. For a wholesaler to be selectable in the order form, it must be posted on the customer card. Here you can also see what customer number the customer has at the wholesaler. This is usually posted from Backoffice, but it is possible to enter wholesalers and wholesale customer numbers also from the iPad.

Contacts -Here are all the contacts that are connected to the customer. In this tab you can add, change and delete contacts. (Information on how to proceed is below)

Map - Here you can see where your store is on the map. The map is zoomable. For this to work, the store's coordinates must be entered on the customer card. You also need to be connected for this to work. By pressing Description in the upper right you can also get directions.

Statistics - Under this tab you will find information about Customer Class and Organization Number. This tab can also be used by the company to post regular questions about the customer.

Shelf proportion- If you measure shelf parts then under this tab the result is visible.

Personal fields - This tab is just like the statistics tab for companies that want to post fixed questions or information about the customer.

More - There are basically three extra tabs here. Listing, Visiting History and Documents. If you use any of these tabs more than those that are visible from the start, you can change it. (Information on how to proceed then is below)


To create a new contact, press + in the upper right.

Enter any information you have.

E-mail to the contact person is always good to enter as all E-mail addresses located on the customer card come up as selectable if you are to mail an order from argus.

When you're done, click save

Press Contacts and you will be back on the Contacts tab

To change the details of a contact, click on the contact you want to change

Click Change in the upper right

Enter the changes you want to make, and then click Save

Press Contacts and you will be back on the Contacts tab

To delete a contact, swipe from right to left on the contact you want to delete and click delete.


If you want to drag down, for example, Note to the visible tab row, click Edit in the upper right

The icons that are light gray are already in the tab row but those that are blue you can drag down and replace with any icon that is already there.

To replace Shelf Proportion with Note, hold down the finger on Note, drag it down and put it over Shelf Proportion. Then these change places. When you have changed the places click Done at the top right.

Under the More tab, notes can be created that only you have access to. 

Click Notes

Click + to create a new note.

Enter a title and then enter your note. To make your note visible only to you click on the button Private, when it is green the note is only visible to you. If the button private is not set to green, included sellers can also see your notes.
You can also choose to color code your notes to be able to distinguish them if you have many. When finished, click save. 

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